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Some of the trusted favourite afternoon tea recipes we use at Chimneys B & B

tiered cake plate filled with scones, meringues and coffee cake, perfect for Mothers Day

For your mum on Mothers Day – Lemon and Sultana Scones

This recipe is my all time favourite from our Margaret who used to run a famous Tea Room in Baconsthorpe.

Going off on a tangent but, Baconsthorpe Castle would be great for some family time on Mothers Day.

Now for the recipe!

Her book ‘Margaret’s Recipes From Her Tea Rooms’ is still my favourite go-to reference for Afternoon Tea at Chimneys and her recipes are so easy to follow.

The book is presently being reprinted and you can order your copy online from the website listed below.


500g self-raising flour

2 tsp of baking powder

125g butter

60g sugar

185g sultanas

Grated rind of two lemons

2 beaten eggs

Approx 5fl.oz milk

Oven temp Gas Mark 6, 450 Fahrenheit 220 Celsius


Place flour, baking powder, butter, sugar and lemon rind in a food processor. Mix for 10 seconds. (I have rubbed the butter in by hand but you need cold hands).

Add eggs and milk for another 5 seconds.

Remove from the bowl and gently fold in the sultanas.

Turn onto a floured surface.

Pat down with floured hands (not too thin) and make 12 rounds with a cutter. (Sometimes I make smaller scones with a little cutter and you can make approx 20 from this quantity).

Place the scones onto a lined baking tray.

Brush the tops with milk and a sprinkle of sugar.

Bake in pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes.


Margaret's Recipe book my favourite book for Afternoon Tea recipes at Chimneys

Margaret’s Recipes will never fail you when entertaining, especially for Afternoon Tea.

freshly home-baked lemon and sultana scones

Freshly baked for an Afternoon Tea feast

At Chimneys we are delighted to use Mundesley Jams. Kathryn Moore is a brilliant jam maker and if you visit Mundesley, be sure to pay her stall a visit on the High Street where you will find lots of wonderful concoctions.

Only making small batches, if you are fortunate enough to see her Lavender Jelly, it is the perfect partner with clotted cream although home-made orange or lemon curd goes really well with these scones too.

Tips for making perfect scones.

Chilled butter is really important. (If you haven’t a processor, grate the chilled butter into the flour with a cheese grater and then you won’t have to work it too much).

Don’t overwork the dough and don’t pat or roll it out too thinly.

Dip the scone cutter in flour after cutting each scone to prevent the wet dough from sticking and don’t twist the cutter just press straight down.

Arrange the scones closely on the tray so they sort of help each other rise.

Have fun and don’t count the calories on Mothers Day

Chimney’s Answer to The Great British Bake Off

Firstly, may I say that I thought Martha was the most inspiring contestant I’ve seen on The Great British Bake Off.

The youngest contestant ever to compete, so talented, polite and original who has realised that cake can get you everywhere in life! Indeed, cake is the answer!!

It was Richard’s birthday this week and as always there is only one cake that is worthy within the Harmer household on such an occasion – Chocolate Fudge Cake.

I have an extremely tatty paperback cookbook that I acquired from McDougalls Home Advisory Service, 28 years ago when I first got married, probably the most useful book to equip oneself for this wonderful union!

There lies within, the foolproof recipe.

Here goes…..

Ingredients: 10 oz. self raising flour, 3 tbsp. cocoa, 6oz. caster sugar, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1/2 pt. milk, 5 fl. oz. oil, 3 tbsp. golden syrup

Method: Preheat oven 350 Celsius, Gas mark 4. Line two 8 inch sandwich tins with greaseproof paper. Combine all the ingredients beating well. Divide between the two tins and bake in the centre of the oven for 35-40 minutes. Turn out and allow to cool.

Only Delia Smith’s Chocolate Fudge is sufficient to crown this cake.

Ingredients: 3oz. granulated sugar, 3fl. oz. evaporated milk, 4 oz. plain chocolate (I use the supermarket value brand and it does the job well), 1 1/2 oz. butter, vanilla essence.

Method: Place the evaporated milk and sugar in a pan on a medium to low heat until the sugar has dissolved. bring to a simmer and simmer WITHOUT STIRRING for six minutes. add the broken pieces of chocolate and stir until dissolved and then the butter and a few drops of vanilla essence. Put it in a bowl in a fridge until it is thick enough to spread on a cake.

Spread in-between the sponges and on top and decorate with your favourite sweeties.

IMG_2958 IMG_2957

A dear friend who is lactose intolerant was telling me that she really missed chocolate cake.

This cake recipe works if you substitute the milk in the sponge for coconut milk and the evaporated milk for an oat cream called ‘The Original Oatly’. Waitrose stock it. It’s impossible to taste the difference so how about that! You just need to be careful what dark chocolate you buy but Waitrose also have a dark Continental chocolate with only a trace of milk.

It’s been said that my husband only married me because I could cook and had a car. There’s many a true word said in jest!

I hope you all enjoy baking this great cake.

After all, cake is the answer, whatever the question. Enjoy!



Banana Cake – a Recipe from the Queen of Banana Cakes, Mary Rafferty, Maryland, USA.

I never was a great fan of banana cake until I tasted Mary’s. But she is a brilliant cook!

If you can get your head around American quantities, this is so good.


1/2 cup softened butter, 2 eggs, 1/3cup soured cream (greek yoghurt works just as well), 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup of caster sugar,1/4 tsp cinnamon, 2 ripe large bananas, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda.

Oven Temperature: 325 Fahrenheit  or No 3 Gas

Method, cream butter and sugar, add beaten eggs, mashed bananas and soured cream. Sift in all dry ingredient.  Put into a paper lined large loaf tin and cook for 1 hour and a quarter to an hour and a half or until a toothpick comes out clean.


Delicious eaten warm.

Enjoy and we love you Mary!


Millionaires’ Shortbread – because we want you to feel like a winner!


BASE: 8oz pl. flour,2 1/2 oz caster sugar, 6oz margarine.

TOPPING: 4oz margarine, half a tin of condensed milk, 2oz brown sugar, vanilla essence

6oz melted chocolate of your choice.

Preheat oven Gas mark 4, 180C. Grease tin 12 inch x 7 inch. Mix sugar and flour, rub in margarine to make soft dough. Press into tin, prick well and com for 25 minutes until golden.

Combine margarine, sugar, condensed milk in a saucepan over a LOW HEAT stirring continuously. Simmer for 5 minutes and pour over cooked base. Leave to set.

Melt chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Pour melted chocolate over the caramel base and allow to set.

Cut into small pieces and enjoy with your friends

P.S Dont count the calories!

Homemade treats at Chimneys Bed & Breakfast

Millionaires’ Shortbread – everyone’s a winner!



Chimneys Luxury Boiled Fruit Cake – This is a Winner!

Once upon a time there was a very famous tearoom in Baconsthorpe, near Holt, where a brilliant cook called Margaret worked her magic!  She published a book called Margaret’s Recipes in 2004. Sadly the book is now out of print and the tearoom is closed but Margaret has most definitely left a legacy in Norfolk. I use her recipes as a framework for some of my own. I have found as long as you use the same quantities and timing and temperature, this recipe is a really marvellous find. If you can find a piece of Norfolk Dapple cheese to go with it, all the better. If you can’t find a tin of pineapple in the cupboard, substitute for another dried fruit, maybe dates or apricots and add 6fl.oz tropical juice instead.

Ingredients: 6 oz Brown sugar, 12oz mixed fruit, 4oz glace cherries, 4oz butter, 6oz chopped pineapple, 6fl.oz pineapple juice, 2 eggs, 8oz self-raising flour.

Method: Place all the ingredients in a pan except for the flour and eggs. Mix well. Gently bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to cool. Add beaten eggs and flour. Mix thoroughly. Place the mixture in a lined 8″ baking tin. Cook at 325 Fahrenhiet or Gas No. 3 for 1 1/2 – 2hrs.


Afternoon Tea is always available at Chimneys Bed & Breakfast, an added treat to get your Norfolk break off to a great start. Special diets can be catered for by prior arrangement. Please book your afternoon tea at least a day in advance.

We are happy to serve Afternoon Tea in the garden when the weather allows or in our stylish dining room.

Let them eat cake!