Norfolk Gold – The Daffodil Mile at Honing

Nothing could add such cheer as this beautiful straight country road just a few miles from North Walsham at Honing Long Lane. This road always makes me smile and we’ve been known to take several visits to see how it is doing.


This Sunday April 3rd, Honing church is holding fund-raising tours of the daffodils from 1.30-4pm.

The spectacle was created by a local farm who were given two tonnes of under-sized daffodil bulbs as sheep feed instead of potatoes.

But because they were unsure of their safety – farm workers tipped them off the trailer. They just ‘hulled’em orf’  as we might say in Norfolk, the best bit of fly tipping in the county I’d say!

The bulbs have slowly self-planted to provide today’s display in Long Lane.

Two vintage tractors shall be giving rides up and down the Lane and they’ll be serving refreshments in the church. All profits to the Honing Church fabric Fund.